How To Use Tiktok Fonts Effectively In Your Videos?

Pintu Biswas

TikTok videos don’t need any introduction. Everybody knows TikTok is a popular app, and its popularity has been skyrocketing recently. There are so many features available on TikTok videos. One such fascinating and aesthetic feature is TikTok fonts. For every video on TikTok, you would see captions or on-screen texts, etc., 

Every creator has their own style and theme for using fonts. When you check out the videos of the particular page, you may see a specified sort of writing and font usage. For each niche creator, it will differ. If you want to get popularized on TikTok, you may buy TikTok likes, which shall boost your fame instantly. 

Let’s discover deeply into the insights of using fonts effectively. Let’s begin!

TikTok Font Styles And Types

1. Classic

It is an old-style font with rounded corners and blocky backgrounds. The font for classic is more similar to Nova – semibold. It is a royalty-free font for all the bases. Experts advise adding a round corner text background that matches the TikTok classic look. It is because there are so many color hues available for the fonts and the backdrop. 

2. Typewriter

This font is much more suitable for novelists, vintage girlies, etc. It is an elegant sans-serif font with better spacing between characters. The fonts are pretty bold in the typewriter, so you don’t have to include bold again. You can use this typewriter font if you have heavy lines on your content. It is excellent for commercial or personal use. 

3. Handwriting 

Handwriting fonts are a little challenging to read as it was small in size. Tiktokers mostly use this font for captioning the whole video. The font is more aesthetic, so use it for titles, emphasis lines, etc., The letters will have an italic and joint look to look more professional. Tiktok offers a wide range of fonts where you can select the best one that suits your video. 

4. Neon

Neon is quite a modern font. It is different from the other fonts. Its geometry is distinct, and it doesn’t have rounded lines. When you include this font in your videos, you may see a blur reflection of light in the background of the letters. It is much more captivating than other fonts. Many tiktokers have used this font on stories.

To make the neon font more worthy of the text, you must consider these points, 

  • Try to type your text in caps lock. So that it will appear boldly to the viewers. 
  • As neon fonts glow, choose the color of fonts that make your content visible on the screen. 

If it is done perfectly, your ideology will reach your target audience. 

How To Change Your Font Size On The Tiktok Video?

  • Open the TikTok app and select the ‘+ ‘icon. 
  • Upload the video and tick the right corner. 
  • Now tap on the text option denoted as ‘Aa.’
  • Now type the relevant and desired message and choose the colors. Once you are done, tap as completed by clicking on the top right corner. 
  • Now to zoom in or zoom out, you can pinch in or out to adjust the text size. 
  • Tap the ‘next’ button and post it. 

Ways To Acquire More Tiktok Fonts

1. Using Third-Party Apps

When you open the play store and type TikTok fonts, you will see flourishing apps that generate unique font styles. By installing them, you can benefit more, and these fonts will make your job easier. Check the app’s ratings, reviews, and descriptions before installing it. 

2. Font generators

You can make your profile highly visible by adding stylish fonts. To attract the Gen Z of the app, you should make the videos look more fabulous. Font generators are primarily websites that you search on Google. Font generators are a quick way to create text. Before you generate the font, you need to check whether it is available free of cost. 

How To Customize Tiktok Fonts?

In general, tik tokers add texts in two different places. The primary place is where you write your bio and username. The other is where you overlay texts on the videos. To customize the font type, you need to customize the color, size, and suitable position. Using attractive fonts in your videos will get you recognized widely and help gain more views. 


Content is always the king on TikTok. To boost from zero followers to millions in a quick time, all you need to do is to make your content reach the audience. So get ready to customize your texts. Hopefully, the above-outlined practices will be helpful for you in creating different fonts. You can collectively utilize the points and can try leveraging TikViral and shall gain immense perks. Enjoy your TikTok journey! Thanks for reading the article.

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