10 Best VS Code Extensions for Front-End Developers in 2023

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The way we create web applications has undergone a significant change as a result of shifting technology trends. It’s crucial to keep your programming requirements simple if you want to get the desired result. With 74.48%, Visual Studio Code remains developers’ go-to IDE.

For front developers, take a look at the helpful Visual Studio code plugin. These helpful additions aid in reducing delays and frustration while enhancing the developer’s workflow. If you want to hire front-end developers, ensure they are proficient in using extensions.

The development process can be streamlined with the use of VS Code extensions, which let you add languages, tools, and debugging assistance to your project. Because VS Code is very adaptable, developers can easily integrate it into their applications and actively participate in the coding standards.

Considering the many features and capabilities, let’s attempt to discover the top VS Code extensions you should be on the lookout for in 2023. In accordance with your budget and project requirements, this will assist you in choosing the best VS Code extension for you

Best VS Code Extensions in 2023

The most popular VS Code extensions used by top technology companies worldwide are listed below. Let’s go through each of these tops VS extension code extensions in further detail so that you can select the one that best fits the needs of your project.

1.  Visual Studio IntelliCode | Free

The Visual Studio IntelliCode addon enables Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, and Java development in Visual Studio Code. It is an AI-assisted development tool with insights based on understanding your code context combined with machine learning.


  • Intelligent suggestions and code completion are made using community knowledge and the context of the code.
  • Supports many programming languages.
  • Patterns of code to use and best practices to follow in the context.
  • Individualized coding according to each user’s preferences and coding style.
  • Uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate precise suggestions.
  • Integrate additional VS Code plugins without difficulty.

2.  Prettier | Free

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. Which uses its own standards by analyzing your code and reprinting it. This VS code extension takes into consideration of maximum line length and uses wrap code when necessary. With this, you can maintain a consistent style.


  • Automatic code formatting when a file is saved or a keyboard shortcut is used.
  • A range of file types and programming languages.
  • Standardized indentation and styling of the code.
  • Choices and setup for flexible formatting.
  • VS code workflow integration with other add-ons.
  • A command-line interface enabling sophisticated use and integration in building processes

3. ESLint | Free

Developers can identify some coding bugs early on by using linting, one of the greatest tools available. This plugin not only works for problem detection but also for various auto-fixes.


  • Coding standards enforcement and error detection through real-time code analysis.
  • Support for a variety of frameworks and programming languages.
  • Linting setup and rules that are customizable.
  • Issues with the code are highlighted inline, and solutions are offered.
  • Syncing with other VS Code workflows and add-ons.
  • Certain linting errors are automatically fixed for code consistency.

4. JavaScript Code Snippets | Free

As a front-end developer, using JavaScript (ES6) code snippets can greatly improve your productivity by providing predefined code templates and shortcuts. This extension expands the editor’s capabilities, allowing you to quickly insert commonly used code patterns, syntax, and functionalities with minimal effort.


  • Offers several pre-written JavaScript code snippets to make coding quicker.
  • Covers a broad range of functionalities and code patterns that are often used.
  • Enables modification and the writing of unique code snippets.
  • Supports clever tab triggers for quick snippet insertion.
  • Improves best practices adherence and code uniformity.
  • Reduces the required manual typing and encourages code reuse to increase developer efficiency.

5.  Jupyter | Free

This Visual Studio Code extension enables any Python environment to be utilized as a Jupyter kernel and offers rudimentary notebook capabilities for language kernels that Jupyter Notebooks currently support. It’s NOT a Jupyterkernel; you need to have an environment running Python within which you have added the Jupyter package for it to work, even though many language kernels will do so. The VS Code language extensions must be changed to enable advanced capabilities.


  • VS Code environment integration of Jupyter notebooks.
  • Jupyter Notebooks allow for interactive Python, R, and other language writing and execution.
  • Rich text formatting is used for developing thorough documentation, including markdown cells.
  • Support for data analysis, analysis, and display.
  • Jupyter notebooks have version control and collaboration features.
  • For a fluid workflow, integration with widely used data science libraries and tools.

6.  JS Refactoring Assistant | Free Trial

JS Refactoring Assistant code extensions automate and provide intelligent suggestions for refactoring JavaScript code. They help improve code quality, reduce duplication, enhance maintainability, and streamline the refactoring process for front-end developers.


  • Intelligent advice and automated tools for restructuring JavaScript code.
  • Enhancement of code quality by reduction of redundancy and elimination of code smells.
  • Improved readability and maintainability of the codebase.
  • Front-end developers will have a streamlined refactoring process.
  • For seamless use, integration with Visual Studio Code.
  • Helps maintain adherence to accepted coding standards and patterns.

7.  Docker | Free

It is simple to create, maintain, and distribute containerized apps using Visual Studio Code thanks to the Docker plugin. It also offers one-click debugging for Node.js, Python, and .NET in a container.


  • The environment of Visual Studio Code has been integrated with Docker capability.
  • Docker containers and image management and configuration made it easier.
  • Support for developing and launching containerized apps is provided via docker-compose.yml and docker file.
  • Access to the terminal and live container logs for debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Exploration of images and containers, including seeing and controlling container resources.
  • VS Code extensions are integrated for improved Docker workflow.

8.  GitLens | Free

GitLens boosts Git in VS Code and uses hidden knowledge in every repository. You can easily see who wrote a piece of code using Git blame annotations and CodeLens.You can also easily navigate through and study Git repositories, acquire useful insights through rich visualizations, use robust comparison commands, and do much more.


  • Enhanced Visual Studio Code integration with Git.
  • For keeping track of authorship and code changes, use inline annotations.
  • Investigation of the commit and file history in detail.
  • Git information is displayed in the editor using code lens annotations.
  • Seamless movement between related Git operations and code updates.
  • A connection to issue-tracking programs like Jira and GitHub.

9.  Live Server | Free

It’s one of the best tools for editing or debugging on a machine without a human operator. It facilitates collaboration on the project and provides voice calls in addition to terminal or debugging tools.


  • Launches a local development server with live reloading capabilities
  • Automatically refreshes the browser upon code changes
  • Support dynamic port allocation and custom server configuration
  • Enables easy sharing of the development environment across devices
  • An easy and convenient way to preview web pages during development
  • For secure local development, HTTPS is supported.

10.  Quokka.js for JavaScript | Free

Quokka.js is a JavaScript developer productivity tool that improves the coding experience by offering real-time feedback. You can run JavaScript code snippets in your code editor and see the results immediately because it provides an interactive coding environment.

Hire dedicated developers who can easily experiment, debug, and iterate thanks to capabilities like live code evaluation, variable introspection, and expression evaluation offered by Quokka.js. It supports well-known code editors like Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs, making it easier for programmers to write and test JavaScript code.


  • Code evaluation in real-time as you type.
  • Introspection of a variable to examine current values.
  • Evaluation of expressions for rapid testing.
  • For context and observations, use inline comments and annotations.
  • Code execution identification via code coverage analysis.
  • Accessibility to well-liked JavaScript frameworks.
  • Seamless integration with IDEs from JetBrains and Visual Studio Code.


As a result of offering a variety of tools and features, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extensions enable front-end developers to work more effectively. The development process is streamlined and these additions increase productivity. Thanks to the extensive extension ecosystem, developers may tailor their environment to maximize efficiency and produce high-quality products.

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