How Small Businesses Can Grow Using Instagram?

Pintu Biswas

Instagram is a popular platform that millions of people are using it on day-to-day life. With more than 2 billion Instagram users, the app stays on top of the online world. Moreover, the platform has wide-open opportunities where individuals or companies shall shine better on the platform.

Whether a small business or a bigger one, once the effort and strategies are put in the right place, it will be easy to succeed on the platform. If you are a beginner or own a small business, you can buy Instagram video views and reap better results. 

Why Should Small Businesses Utilize Instagram?

It would be challenging for any small business at the initial stages. Regarding strategies, it will take time to have organized progress. However, growing a large and engaged group of followers is incredible.

With Instagram, it would be easy for small businesses to expand their reach without more enormous investments. Instagram also has so many features that companies can try out everything and check which works out better or better. It is an excellent opportunity for small brands to connect and interact with their audiences. 

Furthermore, this article is a complete guide on the major points where small businesses shall utilize the Instagram platform efficiently. So Let’s dive deep into the article to learn about the fabulous ways. Let’s get started!

11 Best Tips for Growing Your Small Businesses on Instagram

1. Post Excellent Content

Content is always king. Everything starts with great content on the Instagram platform. To make yourself stand out from the pool of competitors, it is essential to focus on the content that small brands have to post on the platform.

The small brands shall brainstorm for varied ideas and create a simple and elegant post with vibrant colors and themes. It will be an excellent starting strategy if brands want to connect with their target audience easily. 

2. Use Perfect Hashtags 

It’s all about hashtags; the discoverability would be high if it is a perfect mix. So small businesses have to work on it and should make the most out of hashtags for better engagement among the audience. The brands should check on the niche hashtags and use up to 30 hashtags for a single post. On average, nearly 11 hashtags are used for a single image. Moreover, if brands use branded hashtags, it is a tremendous advantage for their success. 

3. Ask Your Customers

Small businesses would have gone out of post ideas at a certain point. In this situation, brands shall ask their customers about the post ideas. If you have an email list, it would be easy to take a survey and know more about the audience’s perception of your brand. If brands want to gain fame quickly, then they shall try using Inzfy and have increased followers. 

4. Have a Strong Call to Action

You have to post a solid call to action. Then, you can let the followers visit your website by clicking on the link, and the audience can easily connect with your brand. If you include the call to action, then it is a gentle reminder for the audience to look at the contents. With this option, it would be easy to increase engagement and get more eyeballs to your posts.

5. Run Contests

Contests are an excellent way where the audience will know more about your brand. There are numerous contests available on the platform. So based on the type of contest, you can expect likes, comments, and shares for the posts. If you tag your friends or family, the post will reach a wider audience. 

6. Schedule Your Posts

As a small business, you will have a minor team and time to manage your Instagram account. So please schedule your posts on Instagram. Scheduling will help you free your time and improve your posting consistency. Now you can share fresh content on the platform vividly. 

7. Not Too Promotional

As a small business, your motive is to bring out brand awareness apart from increasing sales. So you need to be more sales and promotional with your content at the earlier stage. Then the audience will lose interest in your brand and may not follow your account. So brands are careful with what they post. 

8. Use Instagram Carousels

Instagram carousels include multiple photos or videos for identical posts. You can have a series of posts regarding the same topic, and it acts as a small photo album. Viewers can scroll through the various photos that are engaging and interesting. Moreover, whatever you post should be posted regularly and frequently. 

9. Optimize Your Bio

As all online marketers know that the bio is more like a visiting card, it needs to be optimized then and there. Your bio is the one that reflects your business’s core values and ideas. Instagram also provides a great space for brands to showcase what they are about and their plans. To increase your profile reach, you can try Inzfy and reap better results. 

10. Instagram Live and Stories

Small businesses find these two features helpful for their businesses. Both the Live and stories keep the brand active and will help to have a spectacular reach. They also help to have significant interactions like polls, and Stories drive more engagement as they disappear after 24 hours. 

11. Track Your Analytics

All the above strategies will either raise or down your Instagram profile reach. So to maintain the position or ranking, all you have to do is check on the insights. If you keep track of the insights, you may get a clear-cut idea of whether you are on the right path or have to change the strategies. So tracking the counts are more essential in the digital world. 


On the whole, adding Instagram marketing to your strategies is not a small task. But it derives a vast marketing potential. So small businesses, before leveraging the platform, should brush up on their basics with Instagram marketing.

Are you a small brand ready to start from scratch? If yes! We hope this article has given a deep insight into how small brands shall go with Instagram marketing. First, get ready to set your goals and create great content. Then, let the small businesses strive and rock on the platform.

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