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PlenixClash is a modified version of the very popular Clash Of Clans (COC) game that offers a stable private server. In this MOD APK, you’ll get resources like Unlimited Troops, Gems, Elixir, Gold, Town Hall 14 upgrade, and many more exciting features for absolutely free.

This is by far the best Clash of Clans Private Server for Android, iOS, and PC we’ve ever tested. There are numerous features in the Plenix Clash MOD that make it the most sought-after private server for the mighty CoC.

In this article, we will provide you with a direct download link to the latest and 100% working Plenix Clash. You can download the APK for Android or the IPA for iOS and enjoy all the Clash of Clans hacks without any hiccups.

We’ve already shared many other private servers such as Master Royale Infinity, Nulls Brawl, and Null’s Royale ─ this time we’ve come up with another COC Private Server that will fulfill all the desires of Clash of Clans lovers.

Version Info

NamePlenix Clash
VersionLatest 2024
Size190 MB
Server StatusWorking
FeaturesRead Here
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Last Updated2 days ago
Installation GuideRead here

Download PlenixClash APK Latest Version (2024)

Since PlenixClash APK isn’t available on the Play Store, therefore, this requires you to download it from a third-party website like ours to enjoy all the experiences of Clash of Clans. This MOD has a total of 3 Servers. So, if one server goes down or not working as intended you can always try the other ones. Below we’ve shared the direct download link for three of them.

Clash of Clans (CoC) Overview

For those of you who don’t know, Clash of Clans, or COC is one of the most popular mobile strategy video games developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. For its addictive gameplay, immersive visuals, and unique concept, it has successfully encapsulated the masses ─ so much so that currently, it has over 500+ million downloads worldwide.

However, with all the goodies attached, there are some aspects of COC that many players find underwhelming, and one such is the scarcity of free essential resources ─ like Gems, Elixir, and Gold. Hence to get more of them either you’ll have to buy with your real money or have to play the game for way longer.

That’s why there is a high demand for alternate private servers like PlenixClash. A private server like this not only provides free resources but also spices up the gaming experience to a very extent. Therefore, you get a lot more advanced features compared to the original game.


We’ve tried and tested many other similar private servers before. Although on paper they claim to give you a list of special features, however, in reality, most of them don’t even manage to provide half of the features that they initially claimed. And somehow we are always left unsatisfied with them.

Well, we can assure you that’s not the case with Plenix Clash. Luckily, this MOD truly has the feature sets, about they flaunt away on their main website. There are so many cool features that make this game one of the most popular private servers for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.

For instance, even though Plenix Clash is loaded with features, and has so many players on board ─ despite that its server never goes down. We’ve never faced any lag or jitter while playing the game. Likewise, there are so many other features that are worth your attention and praise. To know more about them in detail, please keep reading on.

Unlimited Free Resources

One of the main reasons many people opt for a private server like PlenixClash is because of the number of free resources readily available at one’s fingertip. Unlike the official Supercell’s Clash of Clans, in the mod, there is no scarcity of gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir, or other essentials. 

We all know how valuable yet limited these resources are in the official game. And to get more of them either we have to play the game for a very long period of time (sometimes months or even years) or we’ll have to buy these resources with our real money.

That is why PlenixClash is the best ─ here, neither you’ll have to wait for eternity nor have to shell out your hard-earned money in order to obtain the resources. Because there are unlimited Gems, Elixir, and Golds, and using them you can build your clan as you wish to be.

Moreover, using the Gems and Golds you can upgrade any troops within a moment ─ be it Archer, Giants, Pekka, Dragon, Tower, King, Queen Tower, or anything. From now on, you don’t have to wait days and days to max out your troops, you’ll do it with just one click.

Anti Ban

If you’ve ever tried to hack the original Clash of Clans or Clash Royale then you’d definitely know to hack those big guys is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because hacking the original game is nearly impossible and if the developers find out, most likely your account will be banned forever.

Tell us if this sounds familiar, after relentlessly trying to hack COC with a fishy online script you found in the pursuit of getting free Elixir, Golds, Gems, or a higher level Townhall you eventually lost access to your account and then got banned permanently by Supercell.

How did we know about all these? Well, you are not alone who tried to hack Clash of Clans and ultimately got banned. There are numerous players around the world who voiced their concerns about the same. That’s why we never recommend our readers try hacking original games. 

If you really want to see what your favorite troops look like when it is maxed out, or you want to upgrade your Townhall to level 14 within a  moment without wasting your precious time and dime then a modded COC version like this is the answer.

You’ll never get banned playing Plenix Clash, here everything is unlimited and readily available to you, therefore, there is no need to hack and no need to get banned. Tell me why would you even try to hack when everything is there at a tap on the screen?

Stable and Powerful Servers

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

Servers play an important role when it comes to these types of mods game and you should always give priority to server quality when choosing a mod like this. Because the private servers are neither supported nor affiliated with the official developers.

So, the chances of them going down from time to time are always along the expected line. However, it is true that Plenix Clash is a private server offered by third-party developers and is not supported by the official vendors, which in this case is Supercell.

Well, despite that it has very fast, stable, and reliable servers. Because of the stable and powerful servers, the game is always online, 24/7, and never goes down. Therefore, everyone can have fun playing the game without any trouble. 

User Friendly and Easy to Use

The good thing about PlenixClah is that it doesn’t strip out the true essence of the original Clash of Clans, rather it adds additional features and add-ons to make the gaming experience more impressive.

Therefore the underlying features of the game are the same as the CoC, which more than 500 million people already love. The graphics, sounds, animations, settings, and all the other options that you’re already familiar with are presented in the mod.

Easy to use and user-friendliness is one aspect of this mod that makes it stand out. If you’ve played CoC before and are familiar with the controls then you won’t have any difficulties playing the mod because everything is same the as Supercell’s vastly popular Clash of Clans. 

Frequent Updates

Developers of PlnixClash are very active and quick to roll out new updates. Whenever new updates are available in the official version, within a day or so you’ll get that update in the mod too.

In the latest v14.211, you’ll get the level 14 Townhall upgrades and in the future when a new town hall level is released, you’ll get that update too. Even though the mod is fairly bugged-free, however, if bugs creep in – they’ll be swept out with new updates and fixes.

Since PlenixClash is not available on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, normally the question arises How do you get the newer version and how could you know about the latest updates? Well, that’s the reason we’re here.

Note: Whenever any new updates roll out ─ major or minor, we’ll publish about the same in this blog post and we’ll update the download link with the latest one. Therefore, you should bookmark this page and visit this article from time to time in order to get the latest updated version of PlenxClah APK.

Unlimited Database

No matter how strong the servers are, or how impressive the graphics are, if the database capacity is low then you won’t be able to play the game as it is intended to. Database capacity is very important in any online game. 

Your account information, game progress, and many other important things get saved in the database. Therefore if the database itself is very limited then many people won’t be able to participate or create their own clan.

The PenixClah has an unlimited database and each of its servers comes with a huge database so it can store all of the players and all of the clans that have been created. That’s the reason despite having so many players playing the game at the same time, it never shows any trouble. 

Custom Mods 

In addition to all the familiar assets and resources as presented in Clash of Clans, the mod has its very own custom mods. They have developed many custom-made buildings, heroes, and troops with special abilities that the normal CoC does not have! 

These mods which are only available to Plenix users are just enough to make your friends jealous. You can take a screenshot of them and flaunt them away on your social profile. The only thing is the number of custom mods is very limited at present, however, the developers are bringing more with new updates.  

PlenixClash Commands

PlenixClash Commands
PlenixClash Commands

This game has a command system wherein the commands allow you to progress faster and add some features to the game. You can type in different commands on the clan chat and activate different modes and features of the game. Following is the list of commands available right now.

Note: To use the commands, first download and install the app and click the News tab on the bottom right corner.


How to install PlenixClash on Android?

Follow the step-by-step guide to install the latest PlenixClah on your Android device.

  1. First of all, download the APK file from the above-shared download button. Then find the downloaded file and tap on it to install it on your device.
  2. If you’ve never installed a third-party APK file on your device, then you may need to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ from your device settings. To do so, go to Settings → Security → Unknown Sources.
  3. Now tap Install and wait until it gets installed.
  4. After the installation gets completed, open Plenix Clash and enjoy.

That’s all about it, from now on you can enjoy your unlimited supply of resources and play on private servers to have a perfect CoC experience.


This CoC private server is not only for Android users, you can download the IPA file and install it on your iPhone or iPad running iOS version 14, 15, or later. To learn how to do so below is a step-by-step guide you need to follow.

Step 1: Download PlenixClash Server now for iOS. [PlenixClash_14.211.ipa]

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded tap on it to install it.

Note: When you tap it, you’ll see a message about Untrusted Enterprise Developer. Just tap on Cancel and go to the Settings App.

Step 3: Now, you have to trust the certificate. To do so – Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Find the Certificate and Click Trust.

That’s it. Now go back to the app, tap it again to play, and enjoy playing PlenixClash.

Plenix Clash for PC

You can download, install, and play this awesome CoC hack mod on your computer. Be it a Windows or MacBook, below is a guide you’ll have to follow to get this game on your PC.

  1. First of all, download an Android emulator like Bluestacks software on your computer.
  2. After downloading and installing the Bluestacks on your PC, download the APK file from the above part of this article.
  3. Download the APK file on your computer from the above-shared download link and then drag and drop the APK file inside an Emulator.
  4. Wait for some time to get it installed.
  5. Once the installation is finished you can run the game within Bluestacks and play it on your computer.

Final Words

That’s it for today folks. For those who have been searching for the best Clash of Clans Private Server, hopefully, you have found your answer. In this article, we’ve shared the most popular CoC private server.

PlenixClash check-marked all the prerequisites that a Clash of Clans Private Server should have. If you have any questions or queries regarding the mod or our guide then do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

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