Top 5 Mileage Tracking Apps for Android and iOS [2022]

Pintu Biswas

The tracking of mileage can help you find out whether your new vehicle is a fuel-efficient or fuel guzzler and it can be helpful for you in planning your future trips, or everyday usage. You can also include business miles on your tax return if it is used for business use.

Furthermore, if you are a taxi driver or using your vehicle on a day-to-day basis, it is essential to keep an eye on your miles. As a result, you can understand how much you spend and determine whether you qualify for deductions on your income tax.

Best Mileage Tracker Apps Free & Paid

Many mileage tracker applications are available to assist you in tracking your fuel cost. Below we have compiled a list of a few best mileage tracking applications for Android as well as iOS, and we believe these apps will work best for you. We have selected these apps based on their functionality, ratings, and ease of use.

Note: These mileage tracker apps mentioned below are not in order of preference. So, you are advised to choose any of these as per your needs.

1 MileIQ

If you are in search of an easy but effective mileage tracker application, this is the app you need to purchase. MileIQ records your driving habits automatically while providing a detailed report of your miles when needed. It provides an automatic tracking feature while running in the background and keeps track of your mileage.

Although the interface at first might be straightforward to use every day, advanced users will discover additional information regarding their mileage within the application. This is what makes the app so flexible and beneficial. You can also divide your travels into categories such as business or personal with the flick of your finger and add them to the correct list. You can also set time limits for the application to sort your travels.

The recognition of frequent trips is available in this app and can help you save your recurring routes to the app, so it can automatically categorize them.

2 Stride

The Stride app runs in the background and automatically records the miles when you are driving effortlessly. In addition to tracking expenses, the system produces data-related reports as well as automates expense tracking.

The automatic tracker will ensure that your mileage will be automatically recorded into your account without inputting your data or manually marking when you have started or ended the trip. After the tracking is completed, it creates an IRS-compliant tax report that will assist you in a significant way when you are doing your tax returns. It is simple to understand and use and is frequently employed by small-sized businesses.

3 Everlance

Everlance has a great user interface that lets you see all recent trips you’ve made from the homepage screen. It also shows the distance you traveled, your estimated expense, and the map. You can edit and add the destination of your trip, the details of the vehicle, as well as notes and media to previous trips. You can also sync your bank or credit card account with Everlance. In this way, all regular expenses will show up in the application, making it simpler to track your expenses over your travels.

The app provides an automatic background tracker that can detect the time when your car is moving and tracks the distance you’ve traveled. Additionally, it lets users categorize every journey as personal or work-related using the mileage classifier feature. Everlance also provides data reports in PDF and Excel that include details on business expenses and mileage, which allows you to prepare tax returns quickly at the time it is due.

4 Fuelio

Fuelio is another mileage tracking application that helps you keep an eye on your fuel consumption as well as fuel prices. One of the reasons it is a good option is over others because it is free. A glance through the Fuelio home tab will show nearby gasoline stations, your vehicle information, fuel prices, and the price you pay. The timeline also displays the most recent trips you have made.

The app has a trip Log GPS tracker feature that allows you to track your trips using a map view. It is also possible to set reminders for multiple vehicles for registration, maintenance, service parking, and others. You can build and view useful charts and statistics for cost, fill-ups and fuel costs, distances, and other variables that apply to several vehicles. The app saves information locally, but the data can be exported or imported into Google Drive or Dropbox, among other cloud storage providers.

5 Vehicle Log

It is a useful app specifically for companies that aid them in keeping track of costs for vehicles without difficulty. It is best suited for people who make frequent trips and aids in making accurate calculations.

It can track mileage, fuel costs, and other expenses. It’s also an ideal application for billing customers, tax deductions, and any other reimbursements you’d like to claim. It informs you of any reimbursement made. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to understand.


The mileage tracker apps available for Android can assist you in automating and monitoring your mileage. Most of the apps on this list feature automatic trip detection, display tax-deductible estimates, and assist you in keeping track of your expenses and mileage. Download these apps to keep track of expenses and save good money now.

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